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July 8, 2020

When life feels like a 💩 roller coaster ride, and you just want it to stop 🛑 and it doesn't, what do you do?

I read something someone wrote today about riding what appeared to be an emotional roller coaster, and it caused me to pause and reflect.

The que...

April 21, 2020

As an International Speaker I was recently asked to speak at "Change Your Mind To Change Your Life" Global Mindset Summit LIVE 2020, and it was a spectacular event with mindset leaders from all over the world working from the intention of helping the global community a...

November 9, 2019

As I reflect back over this lifetime, I see how we've evolved as a collective, and I believe we are making great progress towards healing.

Yes, not everyone is jumping on the train towards healing their wounds, and that's OK because those of us that are are making an...